Bridal Personal Training

Personal Training For Brides Bedford

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My personal training gets you the best body for your wedding day.

If you want to start months before your wedding that’s great as we can build up slowly. However don’t worry if you have left it until that last minute as I have intensive training packages available that can whip you into shape fast for your wedding day. Below are just some of the benefits of personal training with me for getting in shape for your wedding day.

  • Your body looks and feels slim in your dress.
  • My toning weight training program ensures your arms look toned but not big and bulky.
  • Lower body training using the latest body weight exercises will shape your legs and bottom making your body look stunning in your wedding dress.
  • I have a very effective stomach training regime that will help your posture and keep you looking slim throughout your wedding dress.
  • My free nutritional plan ensures your body develop to its potential. It is simple to follow and helps stop any current cravings you might be getting for sugary foods.
  • Exercise is proven to make your skin look and feel younger. After a program of personal training with me your skin will look fresher and younger.
  • Exercise is fun in my sessions. I also keep each session varied to keep you interested. If you don’t like a particular exercise we can always substitute is for something else. Whether you like boxing pad work, spinning bike, body weight exercises, running drills or weights, I will find a routine you enjoy and get results from.
  • I relish training beginners to exercise or personal training. ¬†With weight loss and toning there are hundreds of ways to get to the same result. Maybe you will really enjoy the boxing pad-work and go down that route (many brides to be do as its a very effective and fun workout). Alternatively you might want to do a bit of everything. I will develop an effective fat burning and toning program that you enjoy and best suits your body.
  • You might well be hiring a company to video your wedding. My Personal Training ensures you look your best for a wedding video Bedford.

Please contact me today so we can arrange to get you on your way to the perfect body for your big day. Don’t leave your body down to a crash diet two weeks before your big day and all the bad skin and poor energy levels associated with them. Instead hire me as your personal trainer and I will get your body looking fit, lean and toned for that very special dress and the honey moon of course!