Self Defence For Women 

My self defence private tuition is specifically geared towards helping women deal with the most common attacks.

The system I have designed uses both Wing Chun Kung Fu & also some boxing (see below for reasons why). My private studio is at my family home so you can relax knowing you are training in a secure location in complete privacy.

Please watch the short video to see a client in action with my self defence training!

Why Wing Chun For Self Defence?

The genius with Wing Chun is that it uses the attackers strength against them, in other words the strength of the attacker is made irrelevant. My self defence training will teach you to disperse any pressure made upon you and deliver counter strikes at speed that will halt the attacker instantly. Wing Chun is the perfect martial art for women as it enables you to defeat a much stronger and heavier opponent.

Why Boxing For Self Defence?

While a lot of my self defence training is based around Wing Chun, I was also classically trained in boxing. My Wing Chun training was over a 15 year period to get to the instructor level and even though I believe the martial art to be tremendous for self defence, I have found that there are certain elements from boxing, such as footwork and certain punches, that can only benefit you to know in a self defence situation.

Why Learn Self Defence?

We clearly live in a dangerous world. The ability to react to a threatening situation with the right skills can literally mean the difference between life and death.

My self defence training will give you confidence, that should the unthinkable happen, that you are much more prepared to deal with an attacker(s).

By learning self defence with my training you will be more alert when walking alone or on public transport. You will understand distance and how to keep an attacker(s) from getting into your personal space. If an attacker does manage to make contact I will have trained you how to deal with that fast and efficiently.

Your confidence will rocket with my self defence training as you will now feel a much greater level of control and calm when going about your everyday business. You will learn that size and strength is irrelevant when in a threatening situation and that a 7 stone woman can comfortably stop an 18 stone man if she has the right skill set, teaching you this skill set is my mission so please book a taster session today and start your self defence journey.

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