Private Studio Bedford

Personal Training Studio Bedford

Why Train At My Studio?

  • Completely safe, attended by men, women & children across the county.
  • Expert tuition and motivation from me as your personal trainer.
  • You can relax, safe in the knowledge that nobody else is watching you (unlike other gyms).
  • Space to train outside too.
  • Fully equipped with fat burning cardio machines and weights for strength and toning.
  • Private free parking.
  • Packages to suit all budgets, please contact me for more information or book a taster session today!

Book A Taster Session

The taster session is a great way to start off your fitness journey and experience my personal training before deciding if you want to proceed and book a course of sessions

The taster session also includes a comprehensive nutritional plan for you to take away that is designed to fully complement your training and goals.

Make the next step and contact me today and you will see you have noting to fear about starting your new health and fitness journey with me.

There is no reason why I can not get you great results like the people below too. The media and celebrities put their faith in my personal training so why not be next? All you need to do is make the first step and and fill in the contact form below and tell me what you want to achieve and when a good day and time is best for your taster session. Alternatively, please feel free to email me directly at

Get Results Like These Clients At My Private Studio

Book a Taster Session


Please include a mobile number in your message. I have noticed from time to time that my replies to your messages can be lost to your junk mail folder.

By providing a mobile number enables me to text you after I have replied to your initial message. This is a great back up in case my reply has been lost in cyber space!