Lose A Stone In Just 4 Weeks

Get That Stubborn Body Fat Off

Ok, Some Facts First…

To lose a stone in just 4 weeks means losing 3.5 pounds a week. 3.5 pounds = 12,250 calories – the amount of extra calories you will need to burn per week on top of the calories you’re body needs to survive. Anyway enough of the science bit, what does this actually mean?

Well, lets take an “average person” who needs 2000 calories per day in order to maintain their weight. If they cut their calories to 1500 per day that is a deficit of 3500 calories over the week. Now get the 12250 cals you need to burn off for your weekly goal and subtract 3500, this now means you have 8750 calories to burn off through exercise to hit your weekly target of 3.5 pounds. EASY RIGHT? Not quite!

The bad news is that most people burn off between 500 – 700 calories per hour in exercise. Lets be generous and use 700 calories. Now get the total calories left you need to burn off (8750) and divide that by 700. This equals 12.5 hours of exercise needed to achieve your weekly goal of 3.5 pounds weight loss.

Let’s face it, not may people have the time (or motivation) to do this amount of serious exercise in a week and those that do are not typically over weight anyway. So where does this leave you in trying to lose one stone in 4 weeks? Well to be honest, nowhere – it really is not possible and even if it were there is a high chance of getting an injury when exercising that amount (unless you are a serious fitness enthusiast)

HOWEVER, if you are serious about weight loss and accept it will take around 6-10 weeks to lose a stone then you have made the first step in really changing your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle is what my personal training is all about. There are plenty of exercise bootcamps and classes out there that advertise 90 day transformations or 4 weeks to a six pack but I can promise you it is never that simple and what about when you finish their “course” what next? This is why many people put all the weight back on (and more) as they have not been trained on how to think about exercise and food as part of a lifestyle change. My clients get the full package and that is why many stay with me for years and at the very least they keep the weight off, forever.

Thankfully my degree in sport and exercise science gave me a significant advantage to many trainers as we also were trained in exercise psychology and it is that which really helps my clients get long term success.

So if you are ready to accept that weight loss is not fast and that it can be hard then please get in touch as I will be with you every step of the way. Jenna and Martin below did and just look at how much they changed with professional one to one training and nutritional support.

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