Lose 1.5 Stone At My Bootcamp

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One of my regular Bootcamp Girls “Kezza” recently measured her calories in one of my Bootcamp classes in Bedford Park using a Polar Heart rate monitor. Kezza worked hard that session (as usual) and burned an incredible 715 calories in the hour’s Bootcamp; however it was the next 10 hours after Bootcamp that the serious calorie burning effect of Kezza’s efforts really took place.

After the Bootcamp I told Kezza that if she left her heart rate monitor on for another 10 hours that she would see just how effective my Bootcamps are at making your body burn huge amounts of calories for hours after the session. The result was a staggering 1550 calories on top of the 715 that she burned during the Bootcamp. Therefore the total energy cost of that Bootcamp for Kezza was 1550 + 715 = 2265 calories!

However let’s not get too greedy here, without the Bootcamp that day she would still burn calories sitting at her desk at work, approximately 60 calories per hour. In Kezza’s case if we do 11 hours (Bootcamp time plus after burn) x 60 then she would have burned 660 calories approximately that day if she had not done my Bootcamp.

The true effect in calories therefore of my Bootcamp was 2265 minus 660 which equals 1605 calories. Now if we get this figure and multiply it by 52 (1 Bootcamp per week for a year) to get the total calorie loss we get 83460 calories! And this huge amount of calories equates to 23.8 pounds of fat!

So in conclusion, if you follow a calorie controlled diet and just come to my class only once a week for a year, there is no reason why you can’t lose a stone and a half in a year (typically that means 2 dress sizes). The short bursts of activity at my Bootcamps ensure your body burns serious calories for hours after the class and as I described above, over a year this will seriously change your body.

I run pay as you go Bootcamps for ladies only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a mixed class on Saturday mornings. All classes meet at the tennis courts at Bedford Park at 9.30am , you cannot miss me setting up! There is no need to book, just bring a towel to lie on, water to hydrate and a fiver and your good to go!

Hope to see you soon