HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH) – Key To Feeling & Looking Younger


HGH is produced naturally in the body and as you get older it significantly reduces. HGH is largely responsible for how young a personal looks and feels. The great news is that certain types of training can actually reverse the negative effects getting older has on this hormone – in simple terms you can get back in control of producing it.

At age 40 our growth hormone production is only 40% of what we produced at age 20 and it continues to decrease at around 2% a year, no wonder those wrinkles can really start to show in our 40’s! With some clever creativity and open mindedness with your exercise you can get you HGH levels back to those in your 20’s and even reverse the aging process! But what type of exercise is best? Well the truth is a mix resistance training and high interval training.

Resistance training has the greatest HGH response and doing large multi joint exercises with minimal rest is the best method. A circuit of Pull ups, squats, shoulder press, lunges and press ups is a good place to start. No rest between exercises and repeat the circuit several times depending on your fitness level.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is where you push your body typically between 1 and 2 minutes and then rest in-between. For example after a thorough warm up, run as hard as you can for 1 minute (you should be very out of breath at the end) and then walk for 1 minute. Try and do this 5 times, working up to 15 times after several weeks. When your body is pushed for a minute to its limits it goes into an anaerobic state and this makes your body produce more HGH. This can continue for 24 hours!

I suppose the major point I am trying to get across is that, with advancements in sport and exercise science over the last decade, certain types of exercise can significantly slow down the ageing process and let’s face it most people don’t want to look old. If you’re already exercising and into long distance “steady state” exercise, try mixing in some HIIT intervals to get those HGH levels up. If your starting out why not give the gym a miss (they are boring trust me) and join a Bootcamp like mine in Bedford Park. My Bootcamp will DEFINETLY get your body to a level that makes it produce HGH whist at the same time having fun with like-minded individuals.

If Bootcamps are not your thing then personal training is an option for you. I give great discount for block bookings and often see a stone weight loss in clients in the first month!

Whatever your fitness goals you can’t afford not to add some training that promotes HGH release, as the benefits are well worth the sweat!

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