How To Reduce Water Retention

Water weight is symptomatic of the body striving to retain water for a healthy balance.  The body is said to consist of 70% water content with the muscles containing 75% water and fat consisting of approximately 50% water.  Water is essential to the health of the body, but at times water weight can become a physical problem and cause a number of undesirable symptoms such as swelling of hands and feet or the abdomen.  There are a number of simple measures that can be taken to eliminate this particular issue and help you to lose water weight.

Before attempting any method of weight loss a visit with your physician is highly recommended.  Water weight may be a simple result of water retention, but it could also be symptomatic of a condition that only a medical professional can diagnose. If no particular other physical problem is found then your water weight may easily be lost by simply drinking more water. You might argue how is that going to help?

Often when the body is not getting enough water it will attempt to retain water by hoarding what water there is in the joints and stomach area, thus causing bloating and the other physical problems associated with water retention.  Drinking more water balances out the volume of water that the body needs.  Most people do not drink enough water on a daily basis as it is so consuming more H2O can be the very thing that will eliminate the symptoms and take care of water weight.

Another common cause of water retention is the result of having high sodium content in the system.  Consuming foods with too much salt or foods with high sodium can induce water retention and thus create water weight.  Eating foods with less sodium content will reduce water retention.  The water we drink helps to flush our bodies of excess sodium, but the more sodium we take in the more water we need to keep the process in balance.  Loss of water weight can simply be the result of less sodium for the body to have to deal with.

The use of diuretics is also a means of losing water weight.  Some diuretics are only prescribed by physicians, but these can be costly and have some very undesirable side effects.   A more suitable alternative is natural diuretics that may be found in your local grocery store produce section.  Vegetables like cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes all add water to the system as well as assisting certain organs in processing water in the body.  Beets are said to help eliminate fatty body tissue.  Different kinds of fruit juices and herbal teas can also be a means of assisting thsi type of weight loss.

One final measure that may be one of the best to help lose water weight is by implementing a simple exercise program.  Combine exercise with drinking more H2O, being careful with high sodium foods, and eating healthier foods can go a long way in defeating water weight.