We Know Fitness Gym Design Consultancy

We Know Fitness is a sub division of Adam Cochrane Fitness & offers a full gym design service from the initial planning of your gym all the way through to installation of the equipment and servicing. Basically We Know Fitness takes care of ensuring you buy the right equipment for your space AND at a competitive price.

Adam Cochrane has worked all over the world as a personal trainer to celebrities and high flyers. In his time he has had to ensure his clients have purchased the best equipment for their needs. Seeing a gap in the market, Adam set up We Know Fitness to help those who are setting up a space for small to medium sized gyms. Typically Adam has helped companies and large apartment complexes design and install the perfect gym for their project. Please view the short video below of the latest completed project by We Know Fitness to see why they are the gym design consultancy for you.

It is imperative to get the right equipment for the members who will be using your facility. Rather than fill your space as much as possible, We Know Fitness ensures you ONLY buy what is needed for your space and your members. This often leads to significant savings and often our clients do not use up all of their budget. This means that often there is money left over to either save for future equipment additions down the line or alternatively pay for such services like personal trainers etc. The bottom line is we are confident of saving you money by not only ensuring you get good discount from the major manufactures but by also making sure you buy the right equipment for your project.

We offer a FREE initial consultation where we will give you the best advice possible and our recommendations on what we think will work the best for our project. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by booking a meeting with us!