Get Up 20 minutes Earlier & Burn 20% More Fat.

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A study now shows that exercising before breakfast can burn 20 percent more fat than if you train after eating. That 20 % could well be the all important dress size for the Christmas party or a couple of notches down on the belt making that belly not so obvious. A 20 minute jog, swim or cross trainer workout before breakfast will make a big difference to your body over the year. However, if that does not do it for you, why not hire me as your personal trainer? I have a private studio in Bromham or I can even come to you, in effect being your personal alarm call. All my clients get results and I am not expensive when you consider my personal training makes you slim, toned and healthy in only a few months. Contact me if your ready to draw a line in the sand and do something about your weight loss.

The full article on exercising before breakfast can be found here.