Fat Loss Explained

5 Essential Tips For Successful Fat Loss

Martin Before & After Training With Adam Cochrane

The picture above is of my client Martin Trainer before he lost over 3 stone training with me twice a week. There is a video at the end of this post and you will see just how good Martin now looks! First have a read through my five tips for fat loss.

If the client eats the calorie controlled diet that i give them and trains with me twice a week then weight loss is inevitable and it is my job to ensure none of this weight loss is muscle and all fat. I achieve this by ensuring they eat around 1200-1800 calories per day (calories per day dependent on sex and weight) with the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.The exercise will consist of a mixture of cardiovascular short intervals and weights. Obviously I know that personal training is not available for everyone so here are some vital tips you need to know if your wanting to lose weight (fat).

Fat Loss Tip 1

Never cut calories below 1000 per day. There is a high chance your body will start using your muscle for fuel. This is bad as eventually your metabolism will slow down and your body will struggle to lose fat. Even worse is that a slow metabolism makes it very easy to put weight back on. If you know someone that is constantly fluctuating with their weight then they will typically be going on crash diets. Eventually their body will really struggle to lose weight as it goes into ‘starvation mode’. Starvation mode is the bodies protection mechanism that kicks in after several crash diet attempts. People who have crash dieted and gone up and down with their weight will typically have lots of fat and very little muscle. A crash diet may lose you a few pounds before a holiday but eventually it will catch up with you and in only a couple of years you might find it near impossible to lose weight. If I had a pound for everyone I know who goes on a crash diet but I see in a years time even bigger than when I first saw them I could at the very least buy a season ticket to Manchester United.

Fat Loss Tip 2

Get out and exercise. The excuse I have no time is 100% nonsense. I suppose it all depends on how much you want to be slim and healthy. If you really want it then you might just have to sacrifice TV for a couple of hours a week.I can train someone for two one hour sessions a week with cardiovascular interval training and weights and they will lose two stone in 3 months.

Fat Loss Tip 3

Be aware of what being over weight now will hold for the future. Health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and more and more cancers are being associated with obesity. Type in BMI calculator into Google and you might just be surprised to find yourself as obese. The good news is that with a bit of hard work that in many cases within less than 6 months you can be slimmer and in a healthy state again. Nobody is born obese so its under your control to get slim again. If your health is not a big enough motivation to get to a healthy weight then surely your children are. Research shows that the main risk factor for a child to become overweight is if its parent is overweight. Losing weight not only benefits your health but indirectly helps prevent obesity in children.

Fat Loss Tip 4

Do not kid yourself and think you can drink more than 4 units per week of alcohol per week and still lose weight. Ideally these 4 units, if your absolutely have to drink, should come from vodka/Gin with a diet mixer as both those spirits have no sugar in them. Beer, wine and larger are loaded with carbohydrate and this not only means more calories but also blood sugar spikes. When  your blood sugar spikes your body is in fat storage mode hormonally and this is exactly the opposite of where you want to be. If all this is not bad enough then consider while you drink the body has to burn off the alcohol first and stops all other fat burning. Essentially while you drink your body is in perfect fat storage mode. People that are successful with weight loss keep drinking to a minimum and trust me you cannot beat the system.

Fat Loss Tip 5

Hang around with other people who are taking fat loss and exercise seriously. There is nothing worse than the obese person in the office who is jealous deep down of your commitment. They will nag you into eating ‘that cream cake’ with sentences like ‘you don’t need to lose anymore weight’ and ‘your getting obsessed’. I can promise you that for true fat loss to happen with correct nutrition and exercise that a little obsession is not a bad thing. You will be faced with temptation everyday so distancing yourself from individuals who have no intention of getting slim and healthy is advisable.

So there you have it, 5 essential tips that will help you lose the fat. Fat loss is not rocket science. It is my job as a personal trainer to get the very best out of a clients body. Should you need that extra motivation then please get in touch. If I can get over 3 stone of Hannah Waterman in under 5 months then I can help you lose weight and show you how to keep it off to. Here is a video of what Martin now looks like, hopefully this might inspire you to get into proper exercise training and healthy nutrition as the results speak for themselves!