How To Exercise To Get Great Results

You Need To Change The Way You Exercise

Many people simply are stuck in a rut with their exercise and this is a HUGE reason why they can’t lose weight. Here are the 3 biggest problems I hear and my suggested solutions.

1) Forget about going slow and steady. So many people seem to jog, bike or swim for minute after minute and even some cases hour after hour at pretty much the same stable heart beat. The problem with this is the body gets used to this type of exercise (known as aerobic) and after a few weeks will simply not change (unless you up the duration and who wants to be out for hours and hours training anyway?). The solution? HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING.

2) You always do the same exercise. Even if you are doing high intensity training already, it is essential to up the amount of intervals or cut recovery every few weeks. This “shocks” the body into changing and is a big reason why I get such great results with my clients. If you do the same stuff week in week out do not expect to see exercise help you lose weight. The solution? Just change what you do, make sure it feels more intense for the same duration. Better still hire me as I ensure your body will always be challenged so maximise results.

3) You skip exercise. Serious results from exercise for weight loss requires a consistency of training. doing 2 weeks then skipping a week is no good. The age old excuse of having no time to exercise is total rubbish. I train CFO’s who work 12 hour days to busy mums with 3 kids under 5 and they find the time, why can’t you?
If you constantly use time as an excuse not to exercise then expect to stay fat. The solution? Get a grip and get up earlier, spend less time on social media or do a session when the kids are in bed. Any of these will free up a few hours a week and thats all you need. Hiring me will make the most out of your exercise too. Book a taster session today.

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