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One-To-One Personal Training 

Personal Training Is Allowed Outside

This latest (and lets all hope last) lockdown in 2021 is permitting personal trainers to still train their clients outside, great news indeed!

I have designed the perfect and safe outdoor boxing workout that burns a huge amount of calories, so helping you lose weight fast. The workout also tones and strengthens all your muscles, it really is your total fitness solution!

Boxing fitness gets results that no other fitness method can get close to achieving. 

I will teach you one-to-one on how to stand correctly and get maximum speed and power from your punches and even teach you kicks too!

Boxing Fitness Bedford Fact 1 - Easy To Learn!

I will teach you how to do each punch with correct technique on it's own and then show you how to mix up the punches for pad work drills that will be fun and challenging for your body. Boxing pad work is tremendous for toning the upper body. Your arms, shoulders, back and chest muscles will look toned and feel stronger after only a few weeks of boxing personal training.

It's not just the upper body that benefits from effective boxing fitness training, the lower body can reap the rewards to. The key to effective punching and making the workout as fat burning as possible is to learn how to use the legs when you punch. It's important to use the legs when punching as this utilizes far more muscles every time you throw a punch. For example when you rotate your hip and torso correctly when throwing a cross style punch this will activate all the muscles in your legs, buttocks and abdominals. The end results will mean your heart has to support far more muscles and this concludes with you burning much more calories in every personal training session. The more calories you burn the more fat and weight you will lose each week.

 Boxing Fitness Bedford Fact 2 - Shape & Tone Your Body Fast!

I can promise you that learning boxing techniques to burn fat and tone effectively is simple and after just one session you will be confident in this great method to get fit! Once your fitness levels start to increase I can also incorporate toning exercises between boxing pad work rounds. This makes the personal training session extremely effective and a major reason why in only a few weeks your body will show big changes.

Once you have learned to punch correctly I can then start to incorporate kicking movements and this will really test your lower body even more. Kicks might seem complicated to learn but I can assure you they are not. The footwork you will have learned from your punching drills enables your feet to be in the correct position to kick the pads. Combining punches and kicks on a pad work drill really is the total body workout.

Boxing Fitness Bedford Fact 3 - Interesting & Motivating!

Not only will you be burning a fantastic amount of calories and toning your entire body with my boxing pad routines but you will also be learning a skill. The added benefit of learning a skill keeps the workout fresh and interesting and this ensures you will want to train week in week out, which is crucial to you achieving your goals. I am highly proficient in the martial arts of Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do and an experienced boxing trainer. Give me just 1 hour of your time and I will show you just how effective and fun boxing pad work for fitness, fat loss and toning can be.

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I have a private outdoor personal training facility in Bedford or I can bring all the boxing equipment to you and we can train at your home or local park. I cover all of Bedfordshire and most of Buckinghamshire. By contacting me today you make the first step towards your body and fitness goals. After contacting me it's my responsibility to help you achieve your goals and I have never disappointed a client yet. Please email me at  or call 07887853218 & book a taster session today.

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