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Bootcamp Bedford – 3 HUGE Reasons Not To Do Bootcamps

You are probably on this page as you want to get fit fast, lose weight and “bootcamps” are all the rage now. However, often they are done in huge groups, you will get very little individual attention from the instructor and therefore how will you know you are training at the right level for results? I have lost count of the number of clients I receive that have achieved nothing from going to bootcamps, apart from being a few hundred pounds lighter in their pockets. BEFORE my 3 big reasons not to do a bootcamp in Bedford please Just Look At What My Clients Acheive With My Personal Training in the picture below. Want to be next? Please contact me now!

Before and After Weight Loss

3 BIG Reasons NOT To Do A Bootcamp In Bedford


Many bootcamps involve pushing a heavy weight (often called “The Prowler”) or lifting a very heavy tyre off the ground. The vast majority of the time this will require the lower spine to be in a rounded position for some of the movement. The big problem with this is if you are a typical middle aged man or woman with the typical wear and tear on your lower spine that is typical of modern man or woman then this puts you at a considerable risk of a horrific lower spine injury. Would a personal trainer prescribe these exercises to a client? Certainly not! So why are so many instructors including them in their bootcamps? Well, it is all down to keeping the class simple to run for the instructor so they can have as many participants as possible but unfortunately simple does not mean safe and these 2 exercises in particular can put you at risk for a terrible life changing injury. Please take my advice and avoid types of bootcamps that prescribe exercises like these, there are much safer and more effective ways to get fit, lose weight and tone. 


I literally could not believe my eyes several when I was walking my dogs and saw a bootcamp instructor making the participants run whilst holding a heavy sandbag behind their heads (all the group looked to be between 35 and 50 years of age). As a result all the group were running with their necks in a heavily tilted forward position whist clearly under a lot of strain from the weight placed directly on them. This is bad news for the vertebrae in the neck as the weight is pressing them together, which can over time lead to severe neck problems of bulging disks. Quite why the instructor was getting their participants to do this I have no idea, you certainly will not find it in any text books. I am sure it might be relevant for a fit 20 year old who is in the marines being training to lift heavy objects whilst running, but in all honesty at 20 (and if you are very fit and strong), the body can probably handle it. As mentioned above, a typical middle aged person has a bit more wear and tear on the body so why put them at risk from doing such a controversial exercise? Again, the inclusion of this exercise baffles me as a professional so please avoid big time! It serves no practical purpose what so ever and only increases the risk of you getting injured.


Ok, most bootcamps involve some sort of running to be fair to them and as long as you don’t have a history of knee problems this should be ok for you. HOWEVER, beware of certain exercises that can unnecessarily put the knees at considerable risk! Again, walking my dogs, I was in total disbelief when I saw (an overweight participant) doing JUMPING lunges. Whenever we jump the forces on the body are multiplied and being over weight only increases this more. The persons knees were at significant risk of injury and for what gain? The instructor should be showing the class how to do standard lunges which are much safer as there is no jumping involved. Jumping lunges fall into the bracket of plyometric training and this is a serious level that only those who play sport and who do not carry excess weight should attempt.  At university we were always told to assess the risk verses reward when prescribing exercises to people. In this case for the jumping lunge, is there a risk? Yes definitely! What is the reward? Nothing really, there are far more safer and appropriate exercises to prescribe! Final verdict – don’t prescribe it! Quite why an instructor would prescribe this to a group of overweight and middle aged participants again seriously baffles me. Please avoid!

The market is now full of cheap bootcamps. Unfortunately this has brought with it a level of instructor that is not capable of prescribing exercises that suit the group of the class (often middle aged and want to lose weight). Yes of course a personal trainer like myself will cost more per hour than a bootcamp, but would you not rather invest on doing exercise right and get a better body as a result – without the risk of injury? I offer a service that will get you better results than any bootcamp in Bedford.

Personal Training with me can lose up to 10 pounds of body fat in just 1 month and that will cost you £160 (4 personal training sessions). Not only could you lose 10 pounds and increase your fitness but because it is personal training it means you are learning every session how to train correctly. This means in just 1 month you will know exactly how to keep your body improving and just as importantly how to maintain your fitness – FOREVER. In other words I teach you how to train yourself too.

So before you decide to book up that bootcamp, please try some personal training at my private studio in Bromham, Bedfordshire. If you need any more encouragement to get in touch please check out what some of my latest clients have achieved in their video testimonials below.

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I am a trusted and proven Personal Trainer. I have an honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science as well as over 12 years experience as a personal fitness trainer.  My training has led me to train everyone from hard working mums to busy corporate individuals and even CELEBRITIES (more about these projects here). I have even been in the NATIONAL PRESS  for The Guardian Online, The Sun Online & Closer Magazine. Media organisations and agents trust me to get their clients fit, I promise that you can too.

 FAQ About Personal Training 

Can I try one session before committing to more sessions?

Yes – I offer a one off taster session first (£45) and this also includes a compressive healthy eating plan to take away. Any regular sessions after a taster session are discounted to £40. For example if you wanted 4 sessions in a calendar month the price would be £160.

How long are the sessions?

Each personal training session is one hour and this works great for beginners to those who already exercise and just need a boost. As a beginner you will need more recovery between exercises and if you exercise already you will need less recovery. Either way an hour is the prefect amount of time for an exercise session.

What do I need to bring?

The most important thing to bring is a water bottle as hydration is very important. Some comfortable training clothes and trainers that are not 20 years old too!

I am a complete beginner, is that ok?

I love training beginners as I thoroughly enjoy the job satisfaction by helping you gain confidence and seeing your fitness dramatically improve. If you consider yourself a beginner then I promise my personal training will help you, we just start at a level that you find manageable.

I exercise already, can you help?

I will design a training plan that takes your current fitness to the next level. From boxing fitness drills to running interval training (if running is your thing, if not there is lots more we can do) and weights, I will design a specific plan so you get maximum benefit.

I hope that has given you a good insight into just how I can improve your fitness and help you lose considerable weight in just 1 month at my studio in Bedford. Bootcamps in Bedford are not your only option, try personal training with me instead! Please contact me today so I can get you booked in and achieving great results I look forward to talking with you!

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