Bedford Personal Training Just Got Easier

Personal Training That Always Gets Results

You are in safe hands personal training with me at my private studio in Bedford, Bedfordshire. I have a BSc(Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science as well as many years experience helping busy mums, celebrities, business professionals and even children to their body and fitness goals.

Personal training in Bedford for every budget.

Are you thinking of getting a personal trainer? Personal Training need not be expensive at my new studio just outside Bedford in Bromham. I have everything you need to get to your body and fitness goals. The human body only changes through effective training that challenges the body each week. Many people who start an exercise program in a gym or at home repeat the same program week in week out. The problem with this is after only three to four weeks the body gets too comfortable with the training. One of my main jobs is to ensure your body is challenged every session, this ensures it is effectively shocked and pushed into changes every week. My weekly sessions ensure you:-

  • Lose fat every week.
  • Get stronger every week.
  • Enjoy your exercise every week.
  • Learn about different exercises every week.
  • Stay focused every week.

You have nothing to fear exercising at my studio In Bedford, Bedfordshire.

Many people have told me that they were worried to start with a personal trainer, citing such things like embarrassment about their fitness level or would they be able to do the exercises I prescribe. I can assure you I relish training beginners as I get great job satisfaction from taking a beginner all the way to excellent fitness levels and helping them to their body goals. It is my job to build you up slowly and to increase the sessions week by week, not push you hard in your first session so you never want to return.  As a personal trainer it’s crucial that I make the sessions challenging yet achievable on your part. This ensures you train week in week out and within only a couple of months my training will change your body far more than a twelve month gym membership ever could. Statistics now show the vast majority of people stop going to the gym after 6 weeks but have signed a years contract. What a waste of money! Personal Training with me however is all productive. Not only do I get you to your fitness and body goals as fast and safely as possible but I also teach you how to maintain your new body. Maintaining the physique and fitness of the human body is actually the easy part, getting there is the hard bit but that’s my job and I have never failed yet.

The picture below shows Martin and his fantastic body transformation. After training twice a week for several months martin lost over 3 stone. As you can see from the pictures Martin now looks healthy and lean. Martins personal training sessions consisted of fat burning boxing pad workouts, some short interval shuttle runs and weights. The personal training obviously worked for Martin and you could be next if you contact me today!

Personal training before and after picture

If you exercise already my personal training studio will take you to the next level.

Maybe you are doing exercise each week but have hit a plateau. If your exercising already we can hit the ground running at my private studio. I can teach you how to hit pads correctly with boxing techniques that are fun and extremely effective for fat loss and upper body toning. After some boxing work we can jump on my spinning bike for a few short intervals to shape the legs and build stamina and of course lose more fat. It’s then onto the weights to tone and strengthen your whole body. If you’re female I have weight routines that will shape and tone your muscles and I assure you will not ‘bulk’ up your muscles. If you’re male we can up the weight a bit and I have routines that will give your body bigger but balanced muscles. Finally we can finish on exercises for your core, making your stomach and lower back stronger with the added benefit of helping you into smaller jeans.

Train with me and getting to your goals will be fun, quicker and in the long run less expensive than joining the gym every year. I teach you what I know every step of the way, so when your ready to go it alone you know the best ways to keep your body looking and feeling it’s very best. Please feel free to have a look around my website, there is more information on the home page and throughout the site.

I look forward to helping you achieve your body and fitness goals!