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The private studio is at my family home in Bromham, Bedfordshire. I am trusted by local people & celebrities for weight loss and fitness. Why not be next? Book your Taster Session today. Find out more.

Personal Training Home Visits

Want to train in the convenience of your home? Maybe you like to train and get some fresh air. My Mobile Personal Training Service brings exercise to you. Get fit at a location of your choice. Find out more.


Celebrity Personal Training

Celebrities trust in my personal training because I always deliver on their goals. From Closer Magazine before and after projects to getting celebrities ready for the big screen, I get the job done.  Find out more.


Featured Video Testimonials


Ruth - 2.5 Stone Weight Loss


Martin - 3 Stone Weight Loss


Jenna - 6 Stone Weight Loss



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Written Testimonials

Adam is a fantastic PT. I used to hate exercise but wanted my pre child figure back. I have now changed my thinking when eating and love Adams sessions as he makes exercise fun! – Thanks Adam, I loving the results in such a short space of time! 

Ruth Bullock
Adam’s sessions are hard work but great fun. Keep up the good work Adam

Sarah Aldred
Ads your amazing – transformed my life & your sessions are far better than gym.

Donna Lindsey Scott
Great way to start my day even though he makes me work you socks off somehow I have more energy for the rest of the day. Big thanks to Ads look forward to each session.

Kerry Marsh
Thanks Adam for being a truly amazing PT and nutrition guru. Would highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge of getting someone to help them along with their fitness regime, whether that be training for a marathon or just fitting into that little black dress. You’ve been great at fitting in around our daily routine, whilst still keeping the discipline in place to make sure we hit our goals.

Amanda Furber
I’ve always been into fitness and staying in shape. Adam was hired by Closer Magazine to help me regain my figure after my second child. We trained twice a week for 6 weeks and he left me workouts to do between sessions. I’d never tried boxing before and loved it! Adams great at switching things up to keep your workout fresh.

Katy Hill
If you are looking for a top-flight personal trainer then you have found the right person! Adam is a thorough professional, knows what he is talking about, and will guide you to achieve whatever fitness goal you want. Make no mistake, training with Adam in whatever discipline, (fitness, weight loss, self defence etc) is hard work but always fun and results driven. Adam Cochrane Fitness is a top class act and will not let you down. Go for it, unreservedly!

Nigel Gibson
I was looking for a Personal Trainer and Adam was recommended to me back in the autumn of 2011 by my osteopath. On meeting Adam, I was immediately impressed by both his professionalism and depth of knowledge. The results speak for themselves in that I have met my weight loss and fitness goals with relative ease and I have enjoyed the entire process. Not only is he a great motivator (and a tough task master) but also a good listener. This means that my training programme is 100% bespoke to my needs, which is why it has worked so effectively and why I enjoy the training a great deal. I therefore unhesitatingly recommend Adam and would go as far as to say that his training programmes represent far better value both financially and in terms of what I get out of the training personally than any gym membership.

Martin Scovell
Looking to get fit and need the one to one approach give this guy a try…

Grant Owen


I will always get you results, whatever your goals. Local people & even celebrities get the body they want with my personal training, why not be next? To book your Taster Session please click here to contact me.